Ethan J Westerhausen (dragonguardian9) wrote in jrotc,
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Bad week

Man!!! this week has ben hard on me i yeld out I quit in JROTC and all of my platoon starte to clap!!! that is a kik to the sinsitive spot if you know whut i meen It's all because of my platoon leader a bitch that dient wont me as a platoon sargent but Im the only one quolified for the positionso she turned the hole platoon agenst me.  This herts bad because I have made the best for my platoon I even had out rewords for cadets that perform to my expectation.  I even let sum things slide In all it is a good platoon BUT that bitch of a lutinient Insultes me infront of them so thay think its ok to do that. and she askes me why cant you control them!!!!! 
I have my three years of JROTC so Im set and so I QUIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
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